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This ball arrives deflated, ball pumps sold separately here

Introducing the Rhino Thunder Rugby Ball, where superior craftsmanship meets unbeatable performance.

Engineered with precision and quality in mind, our Thunder rugby ball is the go-to rugby ball for both experienced and novice players.


– High-tech surface material: Made with virgin grade natural and synthetic rubber, 60% synthetic and 40% natural balance. This ensures a tactile grip, enhanced durability, and promises a consistent flight, no matter the weather condition.

– Two-ply: Beneath its exterior lies a dual-layer construction of cotton canvas and polyester viscose. This combination doesn’t just offer protection; it guarantees the ball retains its shape, even after rigorous use.

– Latex bladder: Embedded within this ball is our hi-tech latex bladder. This feature ensures a consistent bounce, unmatched air retention, and a feel that both kickers and passers will appreciate.

– Craftsmanship: Each Thunder Rugby Ball is diligently hand-stitched, ensuring every seam, curve, and panel is perfectly aligned.

– Perfect size for professional play: Meeting the standards of a Size 5 rugby ball and weighing in at 425gms, the Thunder Rugby Ball is crafted not just for training but for official matches as well.

– Buy individually or in bulk: Whether you’re looking to purchase a singular ball for personal training or seeking a bundle for team sessions, we’ve got you covered. Our balls are available as individual units or in bundled sets.

For orders outside of the UAE, please contact us here.

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